Education is vital to the success of our State. I know from more than 30 years of experience that classrooms desperately need new textbooks, more supplies, new technology, and better equipment. We must stop drastic budget cuts and restore funding to our classrooms so that students get the education they deserve. 


Rural Oklahomans are facing a healthcare crisis. As budgets are cut, services are decreased and rural hospitals and clinics are closed, forcing people to travel ever farther to get the care they need. We must work to increase access to quality healthcare for all Oklahomans, regardless of where they live.

Criminal Justice

Oklahoma leads the nation in the incarceration of women. The vast majority are incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses, and two thirds of female prisoners are mothers. Insisting on incarceration over treatment and rehabilitation tears apart families, forces children into foster care, and drains resources that could be used for education or other core services. We must reform our criminal justice system to increase fairness and better serve the people of Oklahoma.