Meet Cyndi


In her more than 30-year career as an Oklahoma public school teacher, Cyndi has seen good times and bad, from state of the art technology and new textbooks in the mid-1980’s to the 1990 walkout over class sizes, to relatively stable years in the late ‘90’s and early ‘00’s. Since the 2008 recession, however, conditions have deteriorated at an alarming pace. With the Republicans’ insistence on cutting taxes and cutting budgets, schools no longer have the funding for textbooks, technology, sports equipment, building maintenance, or necessary support staff. Classes that, at the start of her career had 20-22 students now have 30-35. Many schools don’t have enough desks for all their students, textbooks that haven’t been replaced in years are falling apart or simply unavailable, and many districts have cut back to four day school weeks. Cyndi firmly believes that this, more than any raise, is why teachers walked out and why they will continue to stay out until funding is restored. Cyndi knows that we can do better, and for the sake of her students and all of Oklahoma’s children, we must do better. That is why she is challenging Republicans' status quo complacency and will seek to defeat that ideology this November.